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About Us

Our carpet cleaning business in Chicago, IL, was established over 20 years ago by my husband, Garland, and me.


For several years, we had used the circular dry foam cleaning method in our home. Previously we used other processes from various companies to clean our furniture and carpet but were never satisfied with the outcome. We saw, personally, how superior the circular dry foam cleaning method was.

After we had to close our video store, we decided to open Good Guys Carpet Cleaning. We had a process we believed in and went from there.

After my husband passed away, our daughter, Shannon, decided to help me with our business. She has been a partner ever since and has helped to grow our cleaning business to what it is today.

When clients invite us into their homes, we consider it an honor and treat their homes as our own. We make it as painless and effortless as we can.


We don't:

Instead, we use an Aerus/Electrolux turbo shampoo.


Our product is:

Plus, it takes no longer than one-two hours to dry.

Since our circular dry foam cleaning method is so unique, we have even helped a couple of our employees start their own cleaning business using the techniques and expertise they learned with us.

Commercially, we do a lot of work for realtors and management companies. We are entrusted with keys and lockbox codes with confidence that we will get the job done and we do everything to make their job easier.

Our motto is "Nobody does it better," and every day we set out to live up to it. Our employees are well trained and trustworthy. We want you to feel comfortable with us in your home and confident with the work that we do.


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