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Consumer Report

(The following ad was run in the April 20th edition of the “Penny Saver” in Chicago.)

By: Richard Byrne
Source: Nationwide Consumer Testing Institute

Everyone seems to be in the carpet cleaning business, with many different methods. With the help of Nationwide Consumer Testing, I have evaluated the different cleaning methods so that you, as a consumer, can decide which method is best for your purposes.

The results of these comprehensive tests show that Circular Dry-Foam did a superior job over all other processes.

Nationwide Consumer Testing found that the steam methods, which are misnamed because they don’t use steam, did only a surface cleaning. The hot water detergent solution that was shot into the carpet, forced more dirt deeper into the carpet than it removed. Soil removal was 15.6%. The high amount of detergent residue remaining in the carpet caused it to resoil in two to three months. Drying time was from one to five days with the average being two and a half days.

The shampoo, rotary brush and foam method removed a higher percentage of soil (21% to 46.4%) but the detergent residue was high and it resoiled in three to five months. Drying time was from one to four days with the average being two days.

The combination of shampoo and steam had poor soil removal (26.1%) with a high level of detergent residue causing carpets to resoil rapidly in one to two months. Drying time was from 2 to 7 days with the average being 3 1/4 days.

The aerosol spray cans and the small shampoo, steam and rinse machines-for-rent did such a poor cleaning job that Nationwide Consumer Testing discontinued testing these methods. They said, “They can advertise all they want, but these methods have very poor soil removal and very high detergent residue.”

Circular Dry Foam

The best cleaning found by Nationwide Consumer Testing is the Circular Dry Foam system. They said, ”Our research shows that the Circular Dry-Foam system with separate initial and finish vacuuming, really removes the dirt and keeps the carpet looking better, longer."

The Circular Dry-Foam system had a very high level of soil removal (92.3%) with little or no soap residue. They don't use harsh detergents which are oily or sticky. Carpets resoiled in 12 to 16 months. Drying time was from 45 minutes to two and a half hours with the average being 1 1/4 hours.